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Oh Mickey - 26 Years Later...

By popbytes

good morning! i had one of those moments a few minutes ago when you ask yourself was it really that long ago? yup - it has been 26 years since toni basil's hit single mickey was burning up the airwaves! ms. basil was spotted out this week at bette midler's kick-off party for her new las vegas show 'the showgirl must go on' (which i'm dying to see - i love bette!) and toni actually turns 65 this year! she doesn't look horribly bad but i did do a double take - and thought oh my gosh - time really does fly - sad but true! (at least she doesn't appear to be one of those plastic surgery galore ladies - yes there's been work but it's not out of control like say jocelyn wildenstein - who looks like a freak) besides having an infectious pop hit - ms. basil has also done a lot of choreography work - and has even appeared in a number of films including easy rider & five easy pieces! below you'll find the video for 'mickey' - a song that i'll never grow tired of! thank heavens it's friday - i so need the weekend! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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