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New York Trendspotting Real Women Wear Fur ...

By Lauren

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I noticed something while I was in New York covering Fashion Week -- all of the fabulous women were wearing fur. Seriously, you could tell the rich from the poor just by looking at their coats, although their $800 shoes were pretty revealing too. It made me green with envy. I had never in my life wanted a fur coat but suddenly after being so close to them I started to realize what the big deal was all about.

Fur coats are an instant way to chicify your look but buying new fur can be quite expensive. So for me, the best option for purchasing fur is buying it vintage, which seems much more human anyway (twisted reasoning, sure).

**Here are some tips for buying vintage fur: **

1.) Buy a modern silhouette- You don't want to look like Cruella de Ville with a tacky fur coat down to your ankles do you? Check out what is "in" for today's furs and try to find a vintage piece to match.

**2.) Buy from a reputable vintage shop- **If you go to any random shop you might end up with a fur that wasn't cared for properly, which for you would wind up being a waste of money. Good vintage shop owners are particular about the pieces they choose and they only take the best.

**3.) Wear it with pride- **Don't let any fur haters get you down! It's your coat and you spent your money on it -- those PETA meanies need to mind their own business.
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