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No 2 words cause my fashion mojo to cringe quite as quickly as "fanny pack". Call it something fancy like belt bag, or waist purse...well, a fashion "no" by any other name is still usually just as bad of an idea.

I'm not about to change my tune, but if I were, this is the item that might do it...
The Goldenbleu Yvette...don't call it a fanny pack.

I'm thinking hip purse, or belt pockets might be a good moniker for this stylish alternative to the overstuffed nylon sack on a belt.

Granted, it may not be the most flattering of styles for many...I mean do you really want to extra poufs on your hips...the idea is cute. The pouches look like little mini gathered purses, almost a set of apron pockets attached to a belt. The cheerful grasshopper green doesn't hurt either.

I doubt you could fit much more than some credit cards or other small thin items in the purses, not that you'd really want to (see: extra hip poufs noted above), which does sort of defeat the purpose since you'll need a bag anyway. Being on the cutting edge of a trend, or perhaps the precipice of a fashion cliff isn't cheap either...the Yvette will set you back $458...if you can find on. So far I haven't had much luck doing that. You can however see it (and the other very cute more traditional Summer 07 styles) at
Goldenbleu's official website.

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