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Hello Again Kitty ...

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As a little girl, I was a diehard Hello Kitty addict. My grandparents lived around the corner from a Sanrio store, and I would look forward to sleepovers just so I could go and pick out something new. Whether it was stickers, or pencils, or little tiny eyeshadows shaped like bows, I never failed to leave empty-handed.

So imagine my thrill when I found out that Hello Kitty was back - not that she had ever really left - looking chic and sassy, perched atop a new fragrance. And imagine the even bigger thrill when I learned that said fragrance was cooked up by one of my favorite people in the business, Tristan Brando, creator of my beloved **Monyette Paris**.

**Momoberry by Sanrio** is youthful and pretty, but it's certainly not the bubblegummy-sweet-candy-overload that you might expect. It's a tropical floral, girly and breezy and flirty, with a drydown of gorgeous Tahitian vanilla. It's perfect for a warm summer day.

The best part? Since the packaging is sleek and it's from a talented niche perfumer, you won't feel like an overgrown pre-teen buying it - but you also won't object if your daughter, niece or little sister wants to borrow it. It's sophisticated enough for you, but still youthful enough for her. (Remember that line from Mean Girls? "You smell like a baby prostitute." Not with this one, friends. It's balanced and appropriate.)

And check out Kitty's silhouette on the bottle, looking so chic with her little heels! How can you resist?

The notes: frangipani blossoms, red hibiscus, star jasmine, fig, gardenia, guava, pineapple, Tahitian vanilla, sandalwood, coconut, musk.

Momoberry is available at **Luckyscent**, one of my very favorite online scent emporiums. $45 for 1/3 oz. of perfume oil (roll-on).

(By the way...I DARE YOU to go over to Luckyscent and not buy something. It's impossible, I tell you.)

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