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Luxurious Skin Care - Steven Victor MD- by Suzzann ...

By Christina

Suz is my BFF, lives in Nashville, TN and is one of the smartest chicks I know. If there is anyone more in to beauty than I am, it is her. We have fed each others obsession for years and years (and years - oy). I am trying to get her to help me out around these beautiful parts, so hopefully this is the start of many more things to come from Suzzann.

I was recently the lucky recipient of the full line of the Steven Victor MD skincare line, which features six products: Anti-Aging Cleanser, Growth Factor Serum, Miracle Serum, Intensive Wrinkle Repair, Eye Repair RX, and Bio-Nutritive Luxury Cleanser, and I do mean LUCKY!! Although I was the not-so-lucky recipient of the slow metabolism gene and the vertically challenged gene from the family pool, I was blessed with the great skin gene. I was lucky enough to have skin that was smooth, blemish-free, and even-toned. I never wore foundation, just a little powder, until well into my 20’s, and then used a tinted moisturizer for all but the most special occasions. Then I hit my mid-30’s, and suddenly my oh so perfect skin started changing, and not for the better. Blotchy, blemished, and bothersome! My one skin nemesis, a furrow between the brows, deepened, and suddenly my eyelids looked like they would be more at home in the baggage terminal of LAX

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