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The cold hard reality has smacked me in the face this summer. Literally. I looked in the mirror, and what I used to think was youthful, dewy, smooth complexion had transformed. Overnight, it seems, my skin had gone from the skin of my early 20s to my, ahem, 30s. Where was I in the last 10 years that I didn't notice this?!?!

There are dark spots on my cheeks that aren't cute little freckles. I have bags under my eyes. I have crow chick's feet (not quite crow's feet, but the beginning of crow's feet) at the outer corners of my eyes. I am starting to see laugh lines around my mouth.

It's quite a tragedy.

I decided to test out skin care that is specifically designed to "turnaround" my aging skin. Okay, so I know there's no such thing that actually reverses the aging process, but at the very least, I want to get my face looking like my actual age, not 10 years older.

Principal's Secret is a line of beauty products from actress Victoria Principal. The skincare line, Reclaim, is supposed to reduce the visible appearance of facial expression lines and wrinkles, "attacking" four different causes of wrinkles. The line has two products called "Age Braker" that hydrate and increase elasticity.

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