If You Can't Afford a Clarisonic, There Are Alternatives

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No doubt, everyone wants to get their hands on a Clarisonic, the facial cleansing brush that is supposed to work wonders because of its vibrating bristles. We'd like to think that we, Styledash, were responsible because we wrote about it last year and have been using it now for a year, but we'll give Oprah a little credit for mentioning it as one of her favorite things. However, the Clarisonic, as awesome as it may be, is a little expensive at $195. A year later, drugstore brands are coming out with their versions. If you can't afford the Clarisonic and were naughty enough this past year that Santa isn't going to get you one, you could try the Neutrogena Wave, which boasts a masssaging action that opens pores allowing for deeper cleaning. It's only $13.99. The other cleanser is by Dove, the Skin Vitalizer, which also uses "vibrations" of cleansing pads on the handheld device to clean skin. It's only $7.99.

Granted, we have only tried the Clarisonic, as we've been using it now for a year, and we've never tried the other two, but at such a significantly lower price point, it sure would be easy to try them both out.
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