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Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Murakami Neverfull ...

By Crystal

I have to admit that I temporarily lost control of my senses when I booked a ticket across the country to attend the** Takashi Murakami**exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago before it ended on February 11th. Don’t get me wrong I am an art fan however I’m a bigger Louis Vuitton fan and when my local boutique informed me that the limited edition Neverfull could only be purchased by attending the exhibit I did what most handbag **fanatics would and went to the **purse. When I arrived to the exhibition there were only about 50 petite Neverfulls left and the beautiful make-shift Louis Vuitton Boutique was nearly empty. Just like the man in front of me who had ventured from Florida to buy his wife two Neverfulls, I coveted the colorful bag with it’s bright pink lining. I have to admit that I never liked the Neverfull until Murakami put his anime inspired touch on the bag.

Many of you may find some of the bags on ebay however no one can take away the glorious memories and future tales of my weekend trip to Los Angeles to buy a bag!

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