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YSL Muse Gray Blue

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Muse in Gray Blue $1,395 Call Fatima at YSL 310-274-4110

I've always admired the Muse from YSL but never had the urge to actually purchase one. Mainly because it was such the "it" bag a few years ago. Everyone I knew had one and if they didn't, they were on their way to getting one. But as the years go by, I find myself thinking about the Muse every so often. I kept thinking "Is the design something I will get sick of in a few years?" Obviously, the answer is no, the Muse is probably the most classic and iconic bag from YSL even above the Mombasa. Most of my bags are so serious and I really need an oversized casual bag so I've been looking, and looking, and looking. But somehow, I always come back to the Muse. Then I saw this, the latest color for Spring, and I fell in love. Hard. The color they call gray blue is absolutely perfect, it reminds me of a pair of Earl jeans I had that I washed over and again to get the perfect shade of faded bright blue. The Muse has that 'je ne sais quois' nonchalance and effortless style that only the French seem to be born with (the only non French girl who has it is Kate Moss). There are two sizes, a large and medium. The large, photo above is 34cm (13.6 inches) on top, the bottom measures at a very large 44cm (17.6 inches). I of course will get the medium. The oversized version above is only $1,395, a bargain compared to most designer bags out there today! Call Fatima to order 310-271-4110.

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