New Handbag Trend Neutral Metallics

February 29, 2008
post written by Bag Bliss blogger: BrS

New Handbag Trend: Neutral Metallics
Metallics always seem to pop up whenever designers are talking about the current year’s trends. Funny isn’t it? Every year, the trend is metallics. So if the trend every year really is metallics, wouldn’t that make metallics more of a classic? With all other thoughts aside though, designers have put a little bit different spin on the metallic handbag “trend” for this coming spring/summer season. Yes, they are Neutral Metallics ! The silvers are less silver, the golds are less gold, and less common metallics like bronze have been making an appearance. Metallics are also being mixed with neutral and natural fabrics. This combination is fun enough for the hardcore metallics lover, but reserved enough so that a more conservative person could appreciate it as well.

Over at Shopbop, you’ll find a variety of handbag styles. They have everything from totes to clutches in their Neutral Metallics assortment. And for those of you that are really ambitious, they have lots of matching shoes as well!

Above (from left to right) are a few styles that are available:
Erva Oversized Snap Clutch in Sting ($543)
Gustto Estiva Shopper in Silver/Natural ($360)
Foley + Corinna Natural Leather Mini City Tote in Platinum ($384)

For the complete collection, you can visit: Juicy Couture, Seven Jeans, and More - FREE SHIPPING -

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