Juicy Couture Preppy Nylon Sailing Tote Amp Establishment Slouch Bag

February 9, 2008

Juicy Couture Preppy Nylon Sailing Tote & Establishment Slouch Bag
According to my personal lust list, Juicy Couture’s latest spring collection is OKAY. Many years ago, back in the day, I was a pretty big Juicy Couture fan. Then they sold out to fashion dud Liz Claiborne (for a cool 50 mill), changed the bag font, and added a bunch of clutter some tangling stuff hardware and charms. Which is why there is a huge gap in BagBliss posts in the Juicy Couture section.

Today, I spotted a fresh new array of bag styles by Juicy Couture, which I agree to be kind of cute. I’m not going to touch my bag fund on this one, since I just snatched up a Marc Jacobs jumbo silver metallic Patchwork Stam and the Yves Saint Laurent fire engine red Tribute purse and now I’m saving every penny I have left in my shopping account for the Chanel Sale Event. However, this collection of new Juicy Couture bags was in need of being mentioned.

I love the minimal look. I know I don’t speak for all early-20’s-ish-yearolds, but these bags are fantastic. The Juicy Couture Establishment Slouch Shoulder Bag in the metallic crinkled silver is such a cool way to glam up your nightlife-wear. Although, I don’t know if I’m feelin’ the non-detachable chunky silver chain strap. I like when the designers leave you with the option of removal by adding the clasp connection. What do you guys think of it? Also another great newbie is the Preppy Nylon Sailing Tote. First thought through my head, was that this would be a such a cute gym bag. But ofcourse the hanging logo dog tag and whistle have to go. What’s with the whistle trend?

Anyways, find these new additions at Neiman Marcus. Price ranges from $175 for the Preppy Nylon and up to $250 for the Establishment Slouch. Other colors available. Pre-orders only at this time.

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