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Just How Private Are You?

By Sasha

It got me thinking — having experienced being left to wonder on the whereabouts of a former partner, er, to say the least — just how much one person can keep personal affairs, er, private. Is it even a common practice? You, as the other half of a whole, are allowed to NOT disclose certain things you consider too personal to share — even to your partner.

I don’t want to sound like the clingy girlfriend here but hear me out on a theory.

I do sometimes prefer that I know where my man is. Two reasons: one, just to know he’s safe. Two, to ease off some doubts — yea, yea, I’m a chick with baggages. Heh. (Just so things are clear, not that he didn’t know that when he decided to date me, so, no one conned anyone into anything. HA!)

Another thing about this privacy thing, I did mention something about respecting each other’s personal space, I reckon there should be some sort of compromise, right? Is there harm in asking for, let’s say, updates? Send an sms message or ring me perhaps?

There’s something about individuals who are privvy on disclosing facts esp when they’re in a relationship. What’s wrong with letting the other person in on the plan? It wouldn’t automatically mean he or she would have to be part of it. Sometimes, we just need to know and feel that we are a part of something. Other times, it’s just to feel that we occupy your somewhat busy thoughts, too. Otherwise, what’s the whole point of being in a relationship then?

I guess, this is me, thinking out loud again. I don’t even know if I made any sense. But those of you who happen to get what I’m driving at, care to share some of your insights? It’ll be much appreciated.

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