Would You Trust a Mirror for Fashion Advice?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

I never expected they’d take this faerie tale seriously. LOL. Apply it to clothes shopping at that! I thought it may have been more applicable for the beauty industry, i.e. make up, hair products, but I guess they considered it more suitable for the former since women do try on the apparel before purchasing them (and seeking feedback from companions go with it — the fun part about shopping for some people).

An interactive mirror allows shoppers to receive instant feedback on outfits from friends in other locations. — REUTERS

How does it work? If you watch the report, the mirror is equipped with infrared that transmits images to the customer’s handset or any portable device that has the same technology, which then transmits a live video feed to desired recipients and allows instant feedback. PLUS you get to see the SMS or text messages on the mirror! Gah.

It’s developed for **Nanette LePore** boutiques but others are expected to catch on and use it, too.

Funny how technology seems to creep into the fashion industry. First, the mobile stylist — now, this! Ha. It’s not enough that the age of techwear is upon us. LOL.

Fabulous hat tip to the **Sassy Lawyer**!

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