What Did You Watch Last Night?


What Did You Watch Last Night?
What Did You Watch Last Night?

I don't understand why everyone has to pick Wednesday nine o'clock for the best time to put on their show. Last night, the American idol audition was on; Deal or no deal was on; and Lost Season premier was on...we did some serious thumb exercise.

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As tradition, they had to spend one entire hour to do the catchups. You know, in case there are new fans want to join the "LOST" family. And it's amazing that they can drag something that could be done within an hour for three entire years! I was wondering, how long are they going to drag the entire show? Ten years? I will be settled on the island after ten years, you know what I mean? But, it is hot, so you can't miss it. Just so when people in the office start talking about it, you don't act like you are a fool.

American idol's audition part is finally competed. They've sent out 170 some Hollywood tickets. My favorite part is pretty much competed as well...

Deal or no Deal is kinda old nowadays so they started a special double deal shows. It might sounds amazing but people don't necessarily double their our come for some reason. The girl last night pushed herself all the way back to 50K range all because of her family and friends greedy. Oh well...

I guess it's a good thing that in with hot and out with bored. And we all know what am I going to watch on every Wednesday from now on.

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