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Is the Topic of Religion Taboo in Relationships

By Sasha

In relationships, when can you actually talk about religion or faith in general?

We all know that when it comes to hooking up with someone, you won’t automatically know if he or she shares the same faith, beliefs or religious upbringing. It’s something you talk about later — either you guys stumble upon bits and pieces of the whole picture (yea, there’s a bit of analysing and observing done) or the two of you come right out and talk about it.

I know someone whose stand in this matter is still “undefined” ergo it’s something you can’t really resolve. And I’ve met a few people whose faith is sealed on one thing and yet are still in a kind of relationship that somehow creates friction when religion is talked about.

I’ve been taught to believe that you should enter into a relationship with someone who shares the same faith as you do, however, what if this so-called lesson was taken out of context? When you start toying with the idea and try to internalise it a bit more, you get to see that it’s really the religion that differ and not the faith **BUT it’s been planted in you that one **religion is the right one and conversion is the only way to resolve this complication.

How do we really approach this somewhat delicate subject? Or do we really zone in on it at all? Is it even important? If it’s not important, what role will it play in your relationship? Why are we even talking about it right now? I mean, really.

Yea, this is one question that I am trying to get a solid answer. Have you tried answering it?

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