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Can You Solve These Blind Items

By Wendy

I admit - a couple of these had me stumped:

Oscar time means pre-Oscar parties and pre-pre parties. Well, OK, Hollywood does not need much of an excuse to party. However, at one party, this actress who married above herself never let her husband get more than 3 feet away from her. Some would say she was just affectionate, but it got to the laughable stage very quickly when she kept trying to interject herself between any woman who dared speak to her husband. The only time he was alone was when he went to the bathroom. She waited by the door after escorting him there.

This former female reality star has called in every favor owed to her for one reason. She is obsessed with this singer. For the last ten days he has made appearances at four parties and she has been right there every step of the way. She crashed one party and came as the "date" of another woman just so she could keep trying to get him to notice her. Still hasn’t worked but there is another party tonight so…

Life must be getting harder for this married A-List actor. Long thought to be sober, he was spotted at a recent party chugging down a drink before spending the rest of the night with a bottle of water.

I am a diva, get me out of here. That was the attitude of this recent actress who made the briefest of brief appearances. Thinking there was going to be name talent, she found herself surrounded by C&D listers and she was just too good for that. She walked through the room once and then was gone. Next year she may well be on the other side looking in.

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