Is Valentine's Day Candy Bad for Your Skin?


Is Valentine's Day Candy Bad for Your Skin?
Is Valentine's Day Candy Bad for Your Skin?

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High on my list of favorite beauty blogs, is The Beauty Brains, a blog which brings you beauty news but with a bit of science. This week they are tackling a bunch of Valentine-related themes including the rather thorny question: is sugar bad for the skin?

As a sugar-addicted person I was hoping they say no. I know that theory that chocolate causes acne has been said to be a fiction (although my grandfather, a world-famous dermatologist always swore that chocolate led to pimples) but what about all sweet stuff? The Beauty Brains report that Susan Van Dyke, M.D. of Van Dyke Laser and Skin in Scottsdale tells of hospital studies in which test groups given sugar did not break out more. But a 2002 study by Loren Cordain, a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado thinks that a high sugar diet causes a change in insulin production leading to acne.

The worse news for old bags like me is that sugar could cause wrinkles. Some dermatologists think that high levels of blood sugar can make the skin stiff leading to wrinkles. There is no definitive research yet but so far, the news doesn't look promising. So now the only question remaining for me is vanity or candy, which will win out?
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