What Are You Going to do on This Sunday?


What Are You Going to do on This Sunday?
What Are You Going to do on This Sunday?

So, what are you going to do on this Sunday? If you are a guy, I assume you've got your plan set. Yup, this is one of those "girls only" post again! I will go first as usual and looking forward to see some awesome ideas just for girls!

Mini Taco Bowls

My first option when I am bored, is always go shopping, or window shopping. Window shopping is free and set me into a good mood immediately. You know, all the fragrance you can try, all the beautiful cloths you can try on and all the eye candies you are getting... heaven to me.

Another of my favorite is SPA at home. It's not a matter of money why I love to SPA at home instead of a resort, I just don't like stranger to touch me in such way. Of course, the cost is much much less too And I am much more relaxed by myself with a glass of wine or something... Sometimes I even read in my bath... I know I know, it's not a good idea.

Something I enjoy very much is learn a new dish when I have time. I hate to have the samo samo dishes all the time. Whenever I am bored, I try to flip through my cookbooks and try the "BEST LOOKING" dishes myself. Lots of fun.

Those are my favorites, nothing special but does help me claim and relax. You know, you have to have your own way to kill time on a high classic.

There are few more things you can do when you are going to spend time by yourself...

Read a good book that you never have time to get into. At least flip it through. Then you can store it again and tell yourself, I've read it.

Organize your computer and re-name all your pictures, select your favorites and print them. Hanging them or hide them, it's your choice.

Grab a cup of coffee, or tea,watch your kids play and maybe have a nap. (I don't have kids but I do have a dog and yes, he is very entertaining.)

Flip through magazines or search on-line to plan your next vacation, seriously. You know, the one you've always talking about or thinking about but never have time to.

Go see a movie by yourself, yup... by yourself... do you even remember when was the last time? Have fun...
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