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Got Question We Have Answers
Got Question We Have Answers

There are lots of sites online that is dedicated to make your life easier. Apples2apple share them from time to time and we hope that our members can benefit from it. There is some place you can go, to get just about anything you've ever wondered in your life and you can always get your answer there. We call it: the power of people. One of my favorite place is: Yahoo! Answers.

I was browsing around this morning and surprising found myself addicted to it! There are questions that have occurred me before but never jump out of my lips. Who doesn't have few questions in life? Here are some questions that captured my interests.

What do you do with a old mobile when you buy a new?

You could donate it to an organization that gives it to women in bad domestic situation or in shelters.

My answer would be: Never thought about that because I tend to lose it anyway before I need or want a new one. Seriously though, donate it might be your best option. It's tax deductible plus you get a chance to help someone...

Why & How do you explain that we humans experience what's called 'Deja Vu'?

There are some scientific theories that explain it as a miss-timing of neural firing. In this case your brain would receive a signal and then the same signal almost instantly right after it which would cause you to think that the situation has happened before (which it has according to your brain a few microseconds before) and produce a sense of familiarity. The theories hypothesize that delayed signals coming from say one of your eyes or one of your ears could cause the miss-timing which would produce deja-vu.

Sounds kinda scary but it happens to me too! From time to time I will realize that there are certain people doing or saying certain things at the certain place that has been in my dream sometime before! Well... dreams that you can't never remember the next day or do even know that you had a dream... I much rather not to give a deeper thought... if you know what I mean.

What are some simple steps or creative ideas that people can take at home and work to combat global warming?

At the home, if we keep appliances or electronics that is not used unplugged, we will be saving electricity. Switching out lightbulbs for the energy efficient ones definitely help. Replacing old appliances for energystar ones will make a great impact. More drastic changes like switching from electric to propane wherever possible, or installing solar panels on the roof, would help even more.

Whether has been acting weird lately if you've noticed and it might be the time that we should start do something to help... just a little.

What concrete steps can we take to make sure that everyone has a decent education?
Read best answer here.
It's a large topic, I am not going to quote part of it. This is something all parents should be consider about, since I am not in that group yet, I will skip it, for now.

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