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Is Fashion Frivolous

By Fashion

The more I blog, the more I have to deal with the constant struggle of asking myself "why are you doing this?" I'm not getting paid, well unless you buy something from Debutante Clothing's shop (psst, see the nav bar on the right?) I am not contributing anything monumental to society. As a long time subculture citizen, I shouldn't care about frivolous things like fashion. But really, isn't fashion just a study of anthropology and society? What ever people may think or criticize or even roll their eyes at, people who study fashion, discuss it, design it are artists, and researchers of humanity. Some people might scoff and say I am just trying to justify my infatuation and spending habits. But I consider myself an intelligent person: I studied at university with two degrees, I teach, I have a Post Graduate license. How did I get so wrapped up in the "silliness" of fashion and lifestyle? Because people fascinate me, and their behavior fascinates me, and the only way that people can let you know who they are and what they stand for is fashion. Artists have paintings and sculpture, writers have novels, scientists have dissertations. And some of us, who have sight characteristics in each of the above fields, have FASHION. So go on with your fashionable self! Society needs us. [...]

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