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A Paris defile without danger is like steak without frites, and so, Tracy Taylor reports, there was much holding of sugar-free-mint-refreshed breath when a model slipped and fell on a particularly slippery patch at Karl Lagerfeld. The tall, thin girl's black-rimmed eyes simply stared ahead, masking any hint of embarrassment, as the show of linear shapes in mostly black and white continued the spring '07 season's march into monochrome. From the intellectual Lagerfeld show (held at the Sorbonne, naturellement) the MC fashion team set out for Sophia Kokosalaki's show at the carrousel du Louvre, where the Athens-born, London-trained designer served up simple yet elegant party dresses tucked and ruched and cut up to there. Greek goddess–worthy draping might just hint at what's in store for her fans (like Kate Moss) when Sophia takes over as head designer at the venerable house of Vionnet. After the intoxicating cocktail numbers there, a fashion team needs a café crème and quick croissant! So Tracy, Kathryn Floyd, and Marie Claire's perennially posh Creative Director Paul Martinez, stole over to Angelina—in a week, they've become regulars—before taking in Valentino. Sufficiently fortified, Tracy sent these notes from her BlackBerry: “Pretty reigned supreme at Valentino with dresses in the most beautiful bouquet of pastels—lavender, yellow, blue, green, and Valentino's signature RED. It was the first sign in a week that spring might get over its white and black obsession—which, until now, has only been enlivened by the occasional neutral! Oh, happy day! It's only October, but the flower-print chiffon dresses made me yearn for sunny spring days and dancing at a gala under a star-filled sky. Janet Jackson was clearly having the same thoughts as she eyed the pastel treasures with stars in her eyes.” How convenient (for high-heel wearers—not Paul, of course) that Andrew Gn's show was a quick step across the hall from Valentino. And how délicieux were the little teatime treats the designer served up to the crowd in chic little bento boxes. Andrew knows his fan base—and his embellished elegance didn't disappoint. Pretty spring coats, rock-crystal-festooned jewel-neck collars, sleek minidresses with sparkle motifs. . . a socialite crowd pleaser whether in Paris or Palm Beach. Speaking of international, Tracy's team then joined up with Marie Claire's international family, made up of 27 editions worldwide, for our annual tea back at the Meurice. Writes Tracy, “It's always great to catch up with editors and trade stories—and hear their critiques of the clothes.” Drinks at the Hotel Costes with Chanel's PR team followed. “We talked restaurants, beauty products, and most of all, why we have to travel thousands of miles to finally see each other!!!” Next was Ricardo Tisci's Givenchy collection, with its dark, brooding, edgy aesthetic. Says Tracy, “Plucked from relative obscurity a few seasons back, this Italian‘s young, hip sensibility—combined with the rich heritage of Givenchy and the resources to tailor the heck out of any garment—launched us all into a 2007 space odyssey. Horizontally striped black and nude tights paired with hoof-like wedges anchored the looks, which seemed to take cues from Nicholas Ghesquière's Balenciaga—swirled passementarie-type shapes and cutouts defined corset shapes and out-to-there shoulders. Minis and skinny pants were key. Sharp jackets and vests were keepers, and blasts of cobalt kept the collection of-the-moment. After the show, Kanye West, who sat directly opposite, said the collection was “dope.” Joanna and Tracy went to the Valentino dinner at the Ritz, which played out in a succession of intimate rooms and round tables where a well-edited collection of fashion forces and socialites were called together. Valentino is confident enough to invite other designers, like Tory Burch and Diane von Furstenberg, who were happy to drink champagne at the urging of Valentino's sexy Brazilian publicist, who sported a medallion from his own jewelry line that said in Sanskrit, “lokah samastha sukhino bhavanthu,” which means “may all beings everywhere be happy and free.” Today, Kathryn was happy to start her Thursday with a fave: Stella McCartney. “Her clothes fit me perfectly, and so I always have fun imagining myself in the great dresses, cute swimwear, amazing long blazers to dress up your sundress, and fun, oversized-paillette dresses. Naturally—it's in her blood—Stella always has fab music. For lunch, Tracy took us to a great spot in the Marais, where I had some of the best steak tartare ever—which says a lot, as I could eat it at every meal. Afterward, we stopped by the Biba showroom, as we're so excited by this '60s label's comeback. Awesome stuff. And lastly, went to Celine. . . beautiful trenches and suits. . . and it looks like the platforms and wedges from fall will stick it out for one more season.” Fashion's tall tale continues. . . For more fall fashion trends, try Marie Claire FREE [...] [...]

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