Harper's Bazaar . It's Here!

Can't see? Peek here.
Fotos: Hyuna Shin . Makeup Only.

Finally. After all this time. Shot in July and now in November, it's here. Sadly, Harper's either decided not to or forgot to include credits for myself and the hairstylist. Not just for our shoot, but for the entire magazine. The models got full name and credit, including the wardrobe stylist, but us? Nope. Not there.

I do remember using a grayish eye shadow for the nude lip and Wet & Wild bronzer in the close up shots as bronzer. Face Atelier provided the beautiful skin (that foundation is amazing, foundation and primer all in one.....) and the red lips? Can't for for the life of me remember. I think I mixed a cranberry lip pencil and a red lipstick together. Notice the trend of a stronger eye brow? And see how pretty the Mac fiber powder brush looks in it's close up... and yep, that's my hand.

Still can't believe this was all shot in a 98 degree summer heat wave in Manhattan. And don't forget the story of our firemen and water running down the walls.....

Truly a shoot I'll never forget.....

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