Interview with Pin-up Photographer Stacey Barich!

Stacey Barich (aka. Action Girl) is a local pin-up photographer here in Baltimore, MD. Completely self-taught, Stacey truly has an eye for making women look and feel beautiful while catching that retro flair. I have had the pleasure of knowing Stacey for many years and find her a true inspiration to women everywhere.

"Stacey Barich"

1. First explain where the name “Atomic Cheesecake Studios” came from? Well, I create war-era pin-ups. So, the Atomic comes from that, and the cheesecake comes from the fact that cheesecake is a nickname for g-rated girlie photos. The two together has a nice ring and communicates a very specific genre and era.

2. How did you get started and how long have you been shooting?

I started in October 2006 as a hobbyist, and launched my studio officially in August this year as sole proprietorship. I left my job of 10 years with Agora publishing to pursue photography full time. I'm completely self-taught, including the hair and make-up.

3. Why Pin-ups?
I've been attracted to the look of pin-up for my entire adult life. I'm a 50's lifestyler, and so I've been collecting all sorts of 50's ephemera, but have always collected pin-up over everything else. I like the fact that the women are so incredibly sweet and sexy and inviting without really showing anything. The art of the tease...

4. Why do you think there is such a huge interest in pin-up photography these days?

I think the internet has made pornography so incredibly accessible that people are looking for an alternative. Pin-up celebrates female beauty in a way that still has innocence and tease. What makes it appealing is what you don't see... and I think we're seen what's there so MUCH lately, that it's losing it's appeal in a way. Even modern pubic hair trends are really exposing women in a new way. 10 years ago, women weren't having corrective vaginal surgery to meet some bizarre ideal. Now that everyone shaves, women have something new to obsess over. I think another big selling point of pin-up is that with the right hair and make-up, girls of pretty much every size can do pin-up well. It's very flattering and the foundation garments and cuts of the era celebrate curves.

5. Name the one person, present or past, that you would love to photograph and why?

Zorita, the snake lady. I'm in awe of her face, a real stunner. She was a burlesque performer back in the day.

6. Where do you get your inspirations?
Everywhere... old magazines and photos, pin-up books, a dress or prop found at the local thrift shop. The essential elements are all the same, you just re-arrange them to suit the client or mood.

7. Any new projects or plans we should anticipate?
I'm working on a deck of 50's era nude playing cards which I plan to release in 2009. Nude is something else that can be perfectly sweet when done right, so I'm hoping to revive the classic nude with this project.

If you would like more information about Stacey and her photography, or if you want to unleash the inner pin-up in you, visit the following sites:
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