Increasing Your Scrapbooking Speed


Increasing Your Scrapbooking Speed
Increasing Your Scrapbooking Speed

When I first started scrapbooking back in 2002, my speed was sooooo slow. It takes me nearly a week (late night after work!) to finish a singe layout. It took me a long time to decide on anything — what cardstock to use, what patterned paper to use, embellishments to go with it and the list goes on and on on.

It’s quite good when you discover sites or read scrapbook mags that provides you with tips on how to scrapbook faster!

Noell Hyman gives us 5 tips on how to increase our scrapbooking speed.

The first is:
Give yourself a scrapbook area
Here’s an excerpt of her advise:

Even if it is just a table large enough that you can leave an in-progess layout on indefinitely; even if you have to keep all the supplies in a mobile carrier that needs to be put away, you will get faster.

There is an important key here to make note of: most of us have more space than we realize. There was space on both sides of my dresser. We moved the dresser over to one side of the wall, and sure enough, there was just enough space to fit my 6

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