Increasing Your Scrapbooking Speed - Part 2


Increasing Your Scrapbooking Speed - Part 2
Increasing Your Scrapbooking Speed - Part 2

If you have just dropped by, we are following Noell Hyman’s tips to faster scrapbooking.

Here is her second tip:
Spend at least ten to twenty minutes at your at your scrapbook table everyday.

Creativity grows from daily stretching and working. This is why I stress the importance of having a permament table, one that you can go to everyday, even if for only ten minutes. And ten minutes really is a minimum.

I always keep something out on my table to work on. If I finish a layout and my scrapbooking time is over, one of my routines to keep the creative juices flowing is to pull out the next set of pictures or a story I journaled in my notebook, and lay it on my table. That way, my mind is already getting to work on my next project. It is there for me to work on as soon as my next opportunity to sit down and play arises.

My projects are always there in my sight. Creating is always on my mind. Doing it daily keeps the creative organ warmed up, flexible, and strong.

You can find the full narrative of Noell’s post HERE.

And the first tip HERE.

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