I'm Too Old for This ...

**By Melissa Diem **

I thought my worries of acne and pimples would be over after High School. I honestly believed that I would wake up the next morning after graduation and all my teenage girl problems would disappear. I was officially an adult, even more so than when I turned 18 a few months prior. However, to my absolute dismay the occasional zits did not get the memo that they were no longer needed. Fortunately they did show up less often and didn't come with a full army, only one or two at a time. As the years passed on the visit became less and less frequent. THANK YOU!

Then it happened. My hormones got thrown all out of whack with** my first pregnancy**. The occasional zits and blackheads that once plagued me in high school had now become full on acne. I washed. I moisturized. I used creams. I even tried prescriptions. Nothing worked. Four years later and** I'm still fighting the same battle**.

Last week I decided to try something a bit different. Forget the massive amounts of money I've spent before on acne treatment, there has to be something reasonable or dare I say cheap that will take care of this problem once and for all. Low and behold I found it. I decided to mix to creams that I had use individually to join forces. Sialic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Now every AM after washing my face with a mild soap I apply Sialic Acid to my entire face and benzoyl peroxide only to the current breakouts. In only a few days I noticed the redness and marks from old breakouts were gone. Now I can tell the number of pimples has greatly reduced. I'm betting that with in another week I'll look 18 again. ;)

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