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I Love My Nintendo Wii

By popbytes

good evening y'all! so even though i had a bunch of work to deal with i did manage to get in a bit of game time with my new **nintendo wii**! i've literally been trying for weeks to get my hands on one...someone needs to step up the production of this amazing game system - they're not easy to come by! early this morning i lined up outside electronics boutique over on sunset & vine (near the sunday farmers' market on ivar) i was second in line and quickly others were behind me - i'm guessing the store only had about 15 systems to sell and were gone in a flash! i got really lucky to have snagged one! (i wasn't going to pay more than the $250 retail price...some were selling for double that over on ebay!)

i've always been a huge nintendo geek since the very first NES and i've had 'em all the way up to the 'gamecube' - plus there's good news for cubers - the wii is backwards compatible so you can play all of your old GC games and ditch the cube! of course i was super curious about how the 'remote' wireless controllers would handle themselves and i'll tell you it's like freakin' magic - so seamless & very impressive! the system came with wii sports where you can play tennis, bowl, box, and golf! the tennis isso damn fun and the remote as a racquet is kick-ass - plus i reallyenjoyed the boxing - popbytes actually worked up a sweat!

i also picked up the lastest legend of zelda installment (twilight princess) and i know i'll be spending lots of hours with mr. link running around hyrule & dungeons! the one thing i'm bummed about is the wii 'mario' game (**super mario galaxy**) won't be hitting stores until november! he's my favorite game character - mario rocks! i'm sure sony's new PS3 is great as well but the with a decent price tag mixed w/ the way fun controllers - nintendo is going to do quite well with their new **wii**! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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