Speedy Links on Monday


Speedy Links on Monday
Speedy Links on Monday

Don't you hate yourself sometimes when you just had a great idea in your mind and complete forgot about it 30 minutes later? It happens. Some people can have brain storms anytime anywhere and have the ability to let them out anytime, anywhere. They are called writers or journalist. Not for me. The most creative time for me is either in the shower or just before I follow sleep. Guess what, I can never remember what was on my mind the next day. And there is websites that helps you to catch what is on your mind. Not one, few great ones.

It helps you tracking your projects, help you do researching and essay writing and brainstorming. Get your mind more organized is the way I describe this useful tool.

I saw this one on LifeHacker. Looks like a very playful software and I tried it out. Like the design but the function seems to be little plain. Well... they are still new so...

Skrbl seems to be another popular one. "skrbl is a web whiteboard.Just start skrbl, give your skrbl URL to your friends, and instantly
start sharing online."

It's all about sharing online nowadays. You share with yourself or share with others. That's right, when you share, you have more fun...

Post Secret

I just became their regular reader this Sunday and I love it. There is something about this blog which only update every Sunday, is so touching. As you can tell, I can't wait to share with all of you and I wish you will like it. There is not much word to it. It's one of those things that you have to see it yourself.

I've shared my this week's find, let us see yours in comments or in our club.

As for next week, we are going to share something just for single you. Yup! It's valentines' weekend but we are going to share something just for single and fabulous you.

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