I Am Purple and I Am Beautiful


I Am Purple and I Am Beautiful
I Am Purple and I Am Beautiful

Couple weeks ago, I've came across a blog called: Purple woman & friends.
"Purple woman" -

A Purple Woman is childfree, despite societal pressures to procreate. We invite Purple Women and perfect strangers (of either gender and any persuasion) to muse online about life as a non-parent.

- Purple woman

Guess what? I am a purple woman myself! And I have to agree, be purple, is not easy.

For the past a year and half, we've been facing the same question over and over again: "When are you going to have kids?" which became quite annoying sometimes. But you can't let your emotion go, you have to smile and trying to explain that some day, some day we might have kids.

My hubby couldn't understand why I don't like to hang out with his friend and their family. Don't get me wrong, I love kids. I just can't handle the topics with kids mom which is either the kids activities at school or the teachers in their school. I can't even make up a story. And when I ask where their shop, the answer is either Old Navy or those private parties. OMG...

First of all, and again, I love kids. We just not sure if we can handle that much responsibilities. I was watching a show the other day about teenage girls want to have kids. I was so amazed that not only some of them are way under aged for having kid, but also no shame about their stupid decisions.

The questions I keep asking myself is: Why and When. I understand bring another life into my life is an amazing thing... what I don't understand is why over half of those kids, esp. teenage boys and girls never seem to appreciate the effort dad and mom have been done to raise them. Do I want to live 20 some years for someone else and find out heart broken later? NO. Having a kid is almost those "just because" thing everyone do. Everyone but me, yet. Not until we are financially and mentally prepared for kids. Before I make my decision, I am willing to stay purple. And it's totally personal.

Purple women are women that fully understand their life and their responsibilities in life;purple women are brave enough to go through life and enjoy it while ignoring all those pressures they are facing from friends and families; purple women is smart to make their decisions that benefit the most for themselves and everyone else.

Yeah... I am purple and I am beautiful.

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