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Paris the City's First Non-smoking Bistro?

By Rhiannon

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Fish La Boissonnerie, a former fish shop, is now a lively, homey left bank bistro that qualifies as a first in Paris I believe: It’s the only all non-smoking restaurant.

When I walked in there was no smoke and all the staff spoke English. I immediately liked it. The friendly, easy going, bartender offered me a glass of wine while I waited for my table. There was a good wine list , but the glass selection was overpriced and the 6.50 euro glass I had was barely filled half way. I didn’t have a reservation but only waited 10 minutes for a table. The low ceiling with rustic wood beams and metal table tops made the interior feel warm and cozy on this chilly winter night.

I chose the 3 course menu for 34.50 euros. I started with a delicious plate of large grilled shrimp with vanilla scented foam. The touch of vanilla gave the dish just enough of an interesting taste without overpowering it or make it taste strange. Next was filet de bar with an extra crispy crust served over a bed of spinach. Dessert was a yummy but over chilled cheesecake with a coarse graham cracker crust served with large plump raspberries.

The community tables almost forced you to talk to your neighboring diners, and I befriended two lovely women visiting from New Zealand, as we spoke about the joys of Paris.

After a satisfying meal, as I was leaving, I saw another Paris first, but probably not the last - a group of smokers huddled outside the restaurant puffing away. I say probably not the last because next year the no smoking ban in restaurants will start, but I think there will be rioting in the streets against the no smoking ban of the likes we have never seen before.

69, rue de Seine,75006
Tel: 01 43 54 34 69
Closed Mondays
Lunch & Dinner
Metro: St. Germain de Pres

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