How to Spice up Your Sex Life ... usually compiles lists of the top richest among the who's who in **Hollywood **and in the world. It’s interesting to see their take on the top 13 ways to spice up your sex life.

If your man is suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction, you can try gene therapy. It's a treatment for erectile dysfunction and is something that hasn't been approved for humans - and is set to be released by 2011 - but hey, whatever works for you, right?

The other items on the list which will help spice up your sex life if you're having problems getting it on include:

• Testosterone gels and patches
• Visiting a sex therapist
• A nose spray (?)
• Muse
• Pump devices
• A spray-on condom
• Male birth control options
• K-Y lubricants
• Zestra
• Drug-coated condoms

These are already familiar items and there's definitely nothing wrong if you want to try them out - just be sure to **talk it over with your partners **so that both your pleasures in bed will be doubly enhanced by whatever methods you choose.

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