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How to Be a pseudo Supermodel

By Sarah

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This week, I was cruising the Internet as I usually do and found myself reading an article on Forbes. For two reasons, the article fascinated me. One, the article is titled "How to be a Supermodel." Apparently, there is a formula for being a Supermodel. Two, and even more curious is that not only did this article about modeling appear on Forbes, but I had to wonder, "Really? Will someone read this, print it out, and use this as a manual?"

Obviously, we know the answer to that last question. Forbes didn't publish the article because they honestly believe some young girl will come across it and get straight to work on becoming a Supermodel. It's really just a subtly snarky statement about Supermodels, and I have to admit, I love it.

The article and the ten "steps" got me to thinking, and so instead of just giving you the lowdown on how to be a supermodel, your very own Styledash Sarah J. Gim has decided to take Forbes' little nuggets of advice intended for 14-year-old girls who might be "discovered" grinding into a Big Mac at a McDonald's in eastern Europe and turn them into some real advice for real people.

1 Forbes Says: "Stop Eating. Grow." Sarah Says: Being 5'9" and Weighing 110 Lbs is Unnatural. Instead, "dress to Stretch." Wear All Black in Shapes That Flatter Your Figure, and Don't Ever Forget the Magic of a 4" Stiletto Heel in the Same Color as Your Hemline, Which Should Be, of Course, Black

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