Beauty Lies within You


Beauty Lies within You
Beauty Lies within You

By Corazon Roxas

When I was six, I saw an airplane for the first time, I asked my nanay (mom), “ who make it fly,” she said, ”the pilot”, and I asked again “who else is with him while flying,” she said, “the co pilot and the flight stewardess” , I ask again, “is an stewardess a girl or a boy,” she said a lady. From then on I wanted to be a stewardess because I wanted to be flying on a lovely bird.

When I was 12, I saw for the first time a girl in a pure white stocking, white blouse, white skirt, and white cap. I asked again my nanay, “what is she,” she said “she’s a nurse.“ Because of the very clean and tidy look of the nurse, I wanted to be like her, proudly standing in all white suit with matching white crown.

When I was 17, I saw a lady in a pant suit, top with long sleeve in a blazer. Then I wanted to be a bank teller.

That’s what my pair of eyes do to me, I see the beauty of everything, that I wanted to have, what pleases my sight.

Now, I am turning 52 (I’m a Virgo) My eyes still make me see the beauty of everything, but it’s different now. I’m not only after the beauty of something but after what lies behind it.

A beautiful handcrafted bag would make me ask, “would it last?,” “would it withstand the pressure that my calculator, scissor, lipstick, powder, stapler, needle, thread, ball pen, paper, and so many knick knacks in my bag that would fill it”. Nha………….

A nice pair of lovely pink shoes would make me ask, “would it goes well with my black suit pants and plain colored top (my office suit) ?,” “would it withstand my feet quick motion?, “would it withstand the rain drops when I get out of car.?” Nha……………

All these and more, behind beauty lies more. Same thing with a woman and a wife , A woman to be called real beauty and a real wife should function well for her family, …. knows how to cook, an interior decorator in her own right, a protective mother and tutor to her children, a loving wife to her husband, and of course a useful member of a community.

With all these ! then the beauty lies within you !

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