How Dark under Eye Circles Appear ...


How Dark under Eye Circles Appear ...
How Dark under Eye Circles Appear ...

There are many individuals out there that have dark under eye circles. Do you happen to be one of those individuals? Many think it is caused by staying up too late at night in order to watch movies or having a drink before bedtime. Before we begin this post, we would like to start by telling you in many cases, those dark under eye circles are not your fault. In fact, it is far from being your fault. So, whose to blame? Within this article, we are going to examine the different causes of under eye circles.

What Do You Call Them?
What do you call those dark circles that are under your eyes? Do you call the your raccoon eyes? Blue luggage? Your shiners? Whatever you call them, do you know what they really are? They’re called oxidizing hemoglobin. Is that too big of a word to remember? It’s okay if you call them what you have been calling them.

Where Do Those Dark Circles Start?
Those dark circles start in what is called the capillaries. The capillaries are those tiny blood vessels that go around the delicate, soft skin that is around your eyes. Those capillaries are very small and at times, because they are so small, the red blood cells have to line up in a line in order to get through. At times, those red blood cells will loose their way and wander off into the skin that is around the area. This is not something you have to worry about. In fact, it happens all the time. Your body is known for having a mechanism that gets rid of these little escapes. Enzymes that are going through your body break those red blood cells down, including the hemoglobin.

The Cause is Revealed
So far, so good, right? However, there is just one thing. When that hemoglobin is broken down, the components that stayed back will have a dark, blackish, bluish color to it. You know, just like a bruise. So, do you know those dark under eye circles you have? They are caused by those leaky capillaries.

Why Do They Look Like Bruises?
Why exactly are those dark under circles like 8 Ways to Heal Bruises Quickly ... @Aprille? Well, you see, when something causes you to bruise, those blood vessels become traumatized and will be broken down. Blood will be leaking out into that surrounding skin. Then, your body will begin that mopping up process. After this, you will start to see the color of a bruise. So, if you think about it, those dark circles you have under your eyes from time to time is similar to that of a bruise. It is also the same mechanism that produces them.

They’re in the Genetics
They can also be caused by heredity. In many cases, the skin around the eyes are thin. The thinner and more transparent the skin is, the darker the circles are going to appear. Individuals that have a deep-set bone structure will have shadowing contributes and make the eyes darker.

Also, any condition that causes your eyes to become watery and itch could be contributing to those dark circles. Why? Because you scratch or rub the skin that is around them.

They Can be Caused by Medications
Medications are another factor that could cause the problem. Any type of increase in the blood flow is going to show up through the skin. Your doctor will be able to tell you if the medication caused it or not.

Anemia is Another Cause
Individuals that have a lack of mineral iron (anemia) could get these circles. Iron deficiency is known for being the most common type of anemia. This is also a sign that you do not have enough oxygen going to your body tissues.
Yes, Fatigue is in There Too
Yes, a lack of sleep could also cause your skin to become pale, which is going to allow the blood under your skin to become visible. However, at this point, it is going to appear more blue and darker.

Cream Will Help
If you are looking to get rid of those dark circles, then there are a number of different creams you will be able to turn to. Take note that certain solutions are going to work better than others and in the end, as long as you choose the best cream, the problem should go away. You see, there are so many things that can cause the skin under your eyes to look darker. Aging and medical conditions are two other things.

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