Feeling in Regards to the Body ...


Feeling in Regards to the Body ...
Feeling in Regards to the Body ...

By Vladlena Nyzhnik

How do you feel in regards to your body? You don't care and see the beauty in your body or you feel pressurized in today’s world by, the amount of media and influences that are plastered, everywhere you look?

First impressions usually matter a lot, and during a first impression you usually just go by the looks. I know its wrong and you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but that’s how it is in this world!!

One of the main questions for almost every woman, who cared about herself, is which part of the body gets fat easily?

For me, there are buttocks and thighs next. If to rank different parts of my body in the getting fat order, it is listed as follow: buttocks, thighs, and waist.

I think that the** fat goes straight to my buttocks**! It is so hard to burn off the fat on buttocks, I go to the gym 4 times a week and do an hour each time of rigorous exercise as well as pumping iron to get my stomach into shape as well as sit ups. I can easily lose fat around the rest of my body but it's always the hardest place my buttocks to lose it from. I am also trying to lose weight by drinking a lot of water and cutting back on junk food and crabs. I have done it before but it is hard to stick to.

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i love my body with all my meaty parts and everything! theres always someone looking more of a mess than me so im not woried about my flaws.

I want to gain fat on my butt and boobs and I never do! It all goes to the boring parts like arms and stomach. Why would you want a small butt and boobs?

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