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Avoid Cancer Undergo a 3D Mammogram ...

By ave

Did you know that mammograms now come in 3D or 3-dimensions? This is definitely good news for us women who want to avoid the deadly breast cancer at all costs. This is definitely BETTER news for women with **breasts **that are considered too dense for today’s basic mammogram machines.

Mammograms are X-ray exams that hunt denser spots in normal breast tissue, shadows that might signal a tumor. Regular mammograms starting at age 40 help reduce deaths from breast cancer by finding tumors when they're smaller and more treatable.

Statistics show that half **of women younger than 50 years old and a **third **of women over 50 in the United States alone are estimated to have **dense breasts. These women are somehow at risk of having their breasts not fully detected for the presence of tumors, which are largely the basic causes of cancer.

This new 3D mammogram technology is definitely a promising update in today’s medical field **and we’re not talking only of the benefits that come with it but also because the price for this high-tech development comes at a **fraction of the regular price of mammograms.

That’s definitely something we women should rejoice about.

So when do you plan to get your 3D mammogram? Remember that the earlier that you check for the presence of cancer, the better!

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