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Hillary Clinton Picks Her Campaign Song

By popbytes

oh my word - i seriously hate posting anything about politics on popbytes - i don't keep up with the subject at all! (just like angelina jolie - politics have huge polarizing effects) i hate to admit it but the topic has always bored & annoyed me! along with my mom...i think 99.9% of politicians are criminals but i do love that clinton family! although things got a bit scandalous when bill clinton was president - i still like to think of those pre 9/11 days as really good ones (i made more money back in '99 than i do today!) things were much more carefree back then - gosh i'd love to see **hillary clinton** at least get the chance to run for the highest US title in 2008! partly because i do adore her but even more so because i'd love to see a woman run this country - it's about fucking time!

i sometimes feel like i won't see a woman president in my lifetime but this could be a chance to see it happen! this is going to be a very interesting election no matter what happens (have you seen that girl's video in support of that other democrat barack obama?!?) for instance check out the video below which is a teaser (based on the series finale of the sopranos) leading to ms. clinton's new campaign song which has been revealed as you & i sung by celine dion (take note - a female singer was choosen for the honor!) popbytes definitely over & out for tonight - i'll check you all tomorrow...xxoo!

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