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Sinead O'connor Returns with Theology ...

By popbytes

good evening! let's just go ahead and get paris hilton out of the way - i watched her interview (read the entire transcript) whatever - i'm really done thinking about her - it has been building to a crescendo - i even thought i would 'live' blog her time with larry king but who really cares! like i've said before talk is great but let's see some action ms. hilton! gosh - i don't think i can bear nicole richie possibly going to jail - we seriously need a break from jail drama! (oh btw - she did lie about taking drugs...maybe she didn't take 'em but she smoked 'em!)

anyways onto something much more interesting - i love **sinead o'connor** (join her on myspace) she has always been one of my favorites on the music scene - her now legendary incident on SNL (ripping up the picture of the pope) was a defining 'pop culture' moment - i'll never forget seeing it! she has balls and i love that about her! plus let's not forget about her incredibly beautiful & haunting voice - it's unmatched! (she was featured on my 'monday .mp3' column last year!)

ms. o'connor is back with an ambitious double album entitled theology - the first disc contains the stripped down 'dublin sessions' - the second disc compromises of the 'london sessions' - basically the same songs recorded with a lot more musicians! she recently played here in los angeles - i could kick myself for missing the intimate show! the album is slanted towards the spiritual side (hence the album's title) and although i have little time for religion (it's not my style - just be a good person and call it a day - although the topic of religion fascinates me) after hearing a few clips - i was totally sold on listening to something peaceful & relaxing - she even covers one of the best tracks ever - i don't know how to love him from my favorite musical jesus christ superstar!

below are a few audio clips and a video of one of ms. o'connor's recent performances (plus some pics including one of her at a NYC album signing appearance) if you know popbytes personally you know i often need something to calm myself down & wash the worries away - listening to sinead does the trick (i'm so ready to pick up my very own therapy buddy! oh yes...everything is going to be alright!) popbytes over & out for tonight - xxoo!

listen to clips off sinead o'connor's theology...
» **something beautiful (jeremiah)** | **if i had a vineyard** | **i don't know how to love him**

theology is an attempt to create a place of peace in a time of war. it is my own personal response to what has taken and is affecting everyone around the world since and including september 11, 2001. i want to be very clear - there is no message. no preaching. nothing deep and meaningful the artist wants to say, nothing trouble making. i simply wanted to make a beautiful thing, out of something beautiful, which inspires me.

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