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By steph

“I heard the track ‘Stand by Me,’ one night in the studio, the radio was on. I asked J.R. [Rotem], ‘did anybody ever use this sample?’ He made the beat right there on the spot and I wrote the words down while he played it back to me. I loved the way it turned out and I think my sound is a lot different than what else is out there.”

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AUDIO BEAUTIFUL GIRLS (produced by J.R. Rotem)

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Sean Kingston, a 17 year old native of Jamaica, is not just a new face in popular music; he’s accomplished the rare task of creating a new genre where rap, reggae, dancehall, pop, a touch of doo-wop and remarkable songwriting all combine into something totally fresh. Add in Sean’s family roots which cite Jamaican legendary producer Jack Ruby as his grandfather and reggae king Buju Banton as a close family friend and you have one of the most exciting debuts this year. And while hip-hop lyrics have sparked the biggest debate in years, Sean finds himself in the center of the controversy - but not where you might think. The teen prefers to show his creativity without using profanity.

It’s no wonder then that Sean is quickly becoming a household name with his first single “Beautiful Girls,” a song cross-pollinating on both urban and pop radio stations coast to coast. The unmistakable hit boasts the instant hook of “Stand by Me” which acts like a muse for the song produced by savant J.R. Rotem. Sean is the first signing on J.R.’s label Beluga Heights and his debut album Sean Kingston is due out on July 31 on Beluga Heights/Epic.

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