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T.R. Knight Back for More 'Grey's Anatomy' ...

By Consuela

T.R. Knight is coming back for more drama that involves sleeping with all of your co-workers and pulling various large objects out of patients bodies (ice picks, train parts ...). Not only that, it turns out he's a master negotiator - he's bringing in the big bucks next season, to the tune of $125,000 per episode, Entertainment Weekly reports. After the season finale, he had to come back - Meredith's half-sister is an intern next year, Callie wants a baby, Izzy is still in love, George didn't pass the boards. It's like it revolved around him, and they weren't going to bring him back? I love Dr. O'Malley - I'm so happy he's returning next season.

Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, and Sandra Oh are all returning with pay raises as well, but Isaiah Washington's future at Seattle Grace is still up in the air.

What others are saying:
Defamer: Slur-Victim T.R. Kinght's Pain Eased With Big Bag of Money
A Socialite's Life: "A couple of mill a year ain't bad for a cutesy lil' gay! Go on with your bad self! He's really leading the charge for short-looking gays everywhere."

Perez Hilton: "Our future babydaddy's gonna buy us a nice engagement ring!" Perez also reports that in addition to the $125,000 per episode, T.R. will receive a piece of the show profits.

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