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Hilary Duff's Stranger Tire Update

By popbytes

hey y'all! oh what a day - i totally learned my lesson about watching out for curbs when pulling into parking lots (shame on popbytes) thank heavens i managed to get my tire fixed today! the best part being - the tire was actually fine! it was just a badly damaged rim! although i waited around for a good amount of time to get it fixed - i'm super glad i did! plus i finally picked up new hubcaps - if you can believe it - i've been driving around for months with two of 'em ghetto of me! (when stopped at a light - i'd always notice people looking at my nasty bare tires!)

anyways i'm def on the tired side of things - and right now hilary duff streams of her new single stranger actually seem like a mildly interesting post - i used to beat her down (along with her sister haylie) but ever since her ex-bf joel madden ran off with nicole richie right after their break up - she has gained sympathy points with me - her latest album as lame as it may seem to be - it's actually not that bad - music to dust by! the true test of any questionable pop music is - can you clean to it? (oh my word - i've spent many hours cleaning to shania twain! can you believe i just admitted to that?!?) popbytes over & out for tonight - i'll check you all in the morning...xxoo! :)

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