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Fan-tastic Dita Von Teese Kick-starts a Fan Frenzy

By Zara

Dita von Teese was recently seen out and about with a delicate hand fan, and if we know her as the trend setter she is, we'll soon see celebs everywhere demurely flapping away Dita stylee. The Bag Lady gives you the lowdown on the five most fabulous fans around - so when the A-listers start waving them around you can roll your eyes and say, 'sweetie, that's sooo last week'.

5).The Flamenco fan

Perhaps the most traditional of the bunch, this depicts your Spanish fiesta scene, dancing, decadence and sangria. Wave this around with your biggest heels, and feel like a Senorita. And it's value for money at nine Euros!

4). The Cheap but Chic option

More papery than palatable, the puny price tag nonetheless makes this pair of white fans a possible option. Though you will feel more Primark than Prada, the simplicity of the encrypted peace design could be its selling point; at only £3.95 on Ebay.

3). Gold hand-painted Thai Cloth Fan

Sometimes bigger is better and this fan measures three feet when open, so it's sure to cause a stir in any gathering - and a perfect alternative to a hat for hiding from those paparazzi (Britney - take note, enough is enough with those ugly fedoras). Blue and orange dragons face off along the wooden slats, creating a great visual and an Eastern vibe to any occasion. $34.99 from Great Parasolz.

2). Marabou and Peacock fan**

Though this fan may be hand crafted and created from a mix of peacock feathers and marabou, where the creators went wrong was definitely the dyeing process - turning a potentially pretty piece of fluttery into some feathered monstrosity. But that's just my opinion, others may find the fact that it's reduced from $45 to $15 more of an incentive. (But why was it reduced, hmmm?)

1). Battenburg Lace fan

Truly the beauty of this collection, this slinky feathery fan would not look out of place at high end lingerie boutiques like Coco de Mer and Agent Provocateur. It combines boudoir Victorian styling with a dainty tulle train of black and white, whilst looking like it wouldn't bat an eyelash at any high jinx that might ensue from a teasing little wave. And the feathers would feel so soft lightly stroked across the skin...if you've been good that is! $57 from Great Parasolz

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