Victoria Beckham Thinks Her Arms Are Flabby ...

By Wendy โ€ข

Victoria Beckham Thinks Her Arms Are Flabby ...

STOP THE PRESSES! Holy Crap, Posh Spice thinks her arms are flabby. Weโ€™d best be calling Oxfam and getting her signed up for some kind of sponsorship, since this is so obviously a crisis. A CRISIS, people! Look busy!

The size 0 star, who is married to soccer star David Beckham, has lost weight while she has been house hunting in Los Angeles and is now reportedly concerned about the loose skin on her upper arms.

A source told Britainโ€™s Grazia magazine: "Victoria has always hated her saggy stomach. But now sheโ€™s become paranoid about her arms because theyโ€™re much more exposed - she thinks itโ€™s a real sign of ageing."

David is allegedly encouraging the 33-year-old to tone up her arms with exercise, rather than resort to a surgical procedure called brachioplasty which removes loose skin on the upper arms.

The source added: "Victoria knows exercise will take forever to work. She feels under enormous pressure to look the part when she arrives in Los Angeles as everyone will be scrutinising her."

This woman gets on my last nerve. Yes, Victoria - your arms ARE flabby. Want to know something else? Your boobs remind me of hamburger, your thighs are freakishly huge, and your feet smell.

(That should send her crying into her designer pillows, now, shouldnโ€™t it?)

Via Victoria Beckham's flab fear

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