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Betsey Johnson Goes Geek ...

By Lauren

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Laptops are a part of our everyday lives, more addictive than television and handier than a clunky PC. Where else can you read the newspaper, check in on gossip, shop, watch videos, listen to music, date... the only thing you can't do online is eat. So its no wonder laptop cases are stepping up, it is no longer acceptable to tote around your laptop in a bulky black carrier (and why would you want to?)

The choices are endless and if on the off chance you can't find an interesting computer bag or you simply can't find one at a reasonable price then a good solution is the laptop sleeve. The sleeve allows you to tote around your laptop in your most stylish handbag. Brands like Juicy Couture and stores like Targetcarry an array of attractive sleeves at semi-reasonable prices. Out of all of those, the most thrifty and attractive sleeve goes to Betsey Johnson. Weighing in at a measly $35 you can protect your Mac Book with a fashionable, padded rose print sleeve, fully equipped with a velcro closure pocket on the inside.

After all -- if you are going to geek out do it in style....runway style.
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