5 Great Women to Admire...


5 Great Women to Admire...
5 Great Women to Admire...

a Wonderful Mother

Here Danni shares with us the lessons she learned from her Mom. What a lovely, lovely post!

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College Candy interviews the ever-awesome Jayne Appel. I love what she said about not having any regrets about college. What a wonderful attitude!


Jessica Simpson has reportedly finally grown into her body. She looks great, I tell you. She may need help in the styling department but I admire her confidence and cheerful attitude.


Annie Lennox wore an HIV Positive shirt to American Idol to raise awareness about the disease. She does not have HIV, she just wants people to be more aware and do what they can do to those who do.


Meet Natasha. She is a fashion blogger. She is chic and HOT. And she has shoes I wish I can have in my closet.
Top Image by Malenkov in Exile

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GREAT inspirtional post!!!

She owns some cool looking footwear, but she is soooooo thin....

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