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Maybe it’s the little girl inside all of us. Or maybe it’s the part of us that longs to be princess for a day. But whatever it is, all of us, deep inside, admire queens and princesses and wish we could be like them. I love Disney; they have made us some gorgeous, feminine role-model characters to look to. And our daughters too! And while they may be fake, they are still a role model whether you realize it or not.

1. Snow White

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Snow White is probably the prettiest princess in my opinion. With her porcelain skin, ruby red lips and long dark curls she could cause any man’s jaw to drop! But my favorite part of the story is how she takes such good care of the dwarves, showering them with plenty of cookies and attention. So unselfish!

2. Sleeping Beauty

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I’ve heard it said before that a beautiful woman sleeping looks like an angel. Perhaps it’s true! The prince in this fairy tale must have thought so anyway, because he was so overcome by her beauty that he kissed her! Ladies, what woman doesn’t swoon at the thought of a man who would hack his way through thorn and thistle just to get to you for one kiss?

3. Rapunzel

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Perhaps it’s the thought of being rescued by your lover that makes this story appeal to us so much! Think about it. A man who would risk anything, even his own safety or his life just to be near you or to whisk you away with him. Now that really IS a fairy tale because there aren’t many of those left.

4. Cinderella

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Very typical and very common, yes. But what girl ever stops dreaming about her prince charming? And when you stop to think about it, the whole story of Cinderella is kind of realistic in a way. How many times have you had just what you wanted within your reach and then it all came tumbling down? The only difference is, in fairy tales, it always works out. Not quite so in real life, huh?

5. Tinkerbell

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Okay, she may not necessarily be a princess, but she’s still a cute little fairy and a great Disney character! She has charm and grace and the perfect amount of cuteness! And I love her so much that I own a ton of stuff with her on it. Tinkerbell is so versatile that she can be a little girl’s love or a teen’s love. Or even an adult woman’s love!

6. Ariel

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The sea is very intriguing. So are mermaids! Ariel is so sweet and kind and giving, how could you not love her? Her bright red hair is my favorite thing about her stunning beauty. I would love to own this cartoon on DVD!

7. Belle

I’m not sure quite why I love this one so. After all, the beast was ugly! But he treated Belle with such love and tenderness that he eventually won her heart over so that she could break the spell. Where, oh where have all the good men gone? And if all of the women could love with the kind of pure love that Belle had, to love someone without expecting anything in return this world might be a better place.

8. Mulan

I know, I know, Mulan's not a princess either, but she is pretty amazing! She stopped the Hun army, disguised as a boy, and even won the heart of the emperor, who could have had her executed. Most amazing of all is that this story is a legend supposedly based on a true story!

9. Pocahontas

This time of year, all of the little girls want to watch Pocahontas, and who can blame them? She's a true heroine, and actually makes a good role model in many ways — she's respectful, courageous, and kind.

10. Tiana

I know, another non-princess who made it to my list. But I love Tiana! She's spunky, smart, and sweet, all at the same time. I loved this movie, and I can't wait to see the next Disney "princess" character...

Princesses are timeless and classic. They are sweet and kind and thoughtful and always want to help people. Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Or non-Princess?

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