4 Maddeningly Gorgeous Ladies of Mad Men ...

The show may be called Mad Men but the ladies of this program are just as beautiful as the characters who got, er...b*lls. The men are gorgeous, yes, but the women are breathtaking. This is only natural since the staff behind the show are all brilliant. From the clothes to the makeup, these ladies receive full support. This makes you wonder if they are gorgeous in real life, too, right? So let's check out these ladies and what they really are like IRL.

1. Christina Hendricks

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Christina plays the scary yet magnetic Joan. She is perhaps best known for her voluptuous body and fiery hair. But did you know that she is a natural blonde? And did you know that she started drying her hair red when she was just ten years old? Sounds too risky but I guess her hard work (when it comes to her hair) has paid off. She has been nominated and won several times mostly for her outstanding work on Mad Men. She is married to actor Geoffrey Arend.

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