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Naomi Campbell's Diary amp Responsibility ...

By popbytes

good morning & happy friday! although this story already flew around this week - i have to say naomi campbell won a few points from me with the publication of her community service (aka sweeping) diary which is being featured in the brand new issue of **W** magazine (june '07) plus she graces the cover looking stunning! (as per usual) i've always found her to one of the most gorgeous women ever but her nasty attitude, overall demanding diva vibe and temper completely turned my stomach but in the article she comes off as very sincere and takes responsibilty for her actions like a grown-up and isn't crying about it left & right! paris hilton should take note and make sure she has plenty of pen & paper when she heads to the slammer! below are a few pics from the magazine as well as an excerpt from naomi's diary - you can read the full text over on the mag's website! hopefully from now on ms. campbell will keep her temper in check and put her 'violent' past behind her! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

i never really looked into myself, deep below the surface.

i was just caught up in my job and flying around the world and wanting to be fabulous. but there comes a point when it all catches up with you and you have to deal with it. and that caused me to reassess myself and get real treatment for my anger and my addictions.

what i came to realize is that i had to surrender. i'm such a controlling person, but i had to just let go and let something higher than me be in control of my destiny. you have to let yourself become vulnerable again.

some people can handle a drink or a line of cocaine, but i've finally come to realize that, for me, it's all or nothing-and it has to be nothing. and my life has changed since.

i'm not saying this to excuse what i did. i threw the phone-i threw it, but i didn't bash it-and that was wrong.

i'm guilty. i take responsibility. READ THE FULL TEXT


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