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Coming Soon - Jordin Vs Blake - American Idol

By popbytes

hey kids! i had a fun evening - i met up with lynn & alex from **the amazing race** (they were on the 7th season) totally adorable couple and really sweet guys - i was helping them out a bit on their fun new blog la rag mag plus i was shocked when they told me their dog's name was parker which also happens to be the name of one of my doggies! i raced home from their place so i could catch the final dance-off on dancing with the stars - i totally am voting for laila ali because she rocks and she has the hottest dance partner - oh that maksim schermosky - damn he's so freakin' cute! (with that little bit i just admitted that i'm kinda watching the show - although i basically can't stand it!)

let's get to the real issue at hand - tomorrow night is the start of the 6th season finale of **american idol**!!! i simply can't believe it's already down to the final two and although i would have loved to have seen my melinda doolittle at the end - i think jordin sparks vs blake lewis will be a good time! both of 'em are totally different from each other - but i'm still completely in the ms. sparks camp - she needs to win! my good pal kevin at work ran into lakisha jones today at hollywood & highland while shopping in the hello kitty store - he said she was super nice and ms. jones talked to him for a few minutes - she was there picking up some stuff for her daughter who would be attending the big finale! all of the top idols will be back performing during the finale and there could even be some 'special' guest stars - there's talk britney spears may drop by - i just hope they've got leather seats in the house for brit to sit her ass down on! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!



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