Health Getting an "a" for Good Health


Health Getting an "a" for Good Health
Health Getting an "a" for Good Health

As moms, it is usually the case that when we go to the doctors' office is because of our kids' health, not ours. And, you know by now, that moms cannot get sick! It is not in our agenda ever, and if we do, life at home keeps going on as though we never did. So, I thought of sharing this great health checklist I found in WebMed that every mom who is in their 30's and 40's should have.

Even though the checklist says for "for women over 40", we are all heading toward that age, some are already there or over, it is a great way to keep track of tests and procedures you will need eventually, The checklist is actually pretty informational and practical. It tells the name of the procedure, what it is, what it does, how often to take it, and the age at which each procedure should be taken. It also provides a column to date stamp when you did get the procedure and the result you got. For example, "thyroid health" test is through a blood test that determines the well functioning of the thyroid gland, and should be taken starting at age 35.

Here is the checklist, print it out, and start keeping track of your tests and procedures you will need to start considering having depending on your age. And, take it to your next doctor's appointment to schedule your tests and procedures.

Be healthy!

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